Wednesday, October 20, 2010

you have to show up

"Eighty percent of success is showing up" -- Woody Allen

It's easy when you first have a dream. You can think about it all day long and as long as that dream stays in your head, it's easy. There are no roadblocks. There are no disappointments. There are no setbacks. Life is good in your head.

Take that dream out of your head, though, and all sorts of things can happen. Roadblocks. Disappointments. Setbacks. Oh, it would be so easy to quit. You could quit and stuff that dream to the back of your closet, back where the ugly and out-of-date clothes are kept, and you wouldn't have to look at it anymore. You could go make yourself a cup of coffee. Raid the Halloween candy. Turn on the television. (Because not much demands less of your brain than SYTYCD, right?)

But then you'd never get to experience turning your dream into reality.

You've got to find ways to continue making progress towards your goal. Even on the busiest, most difficult days, log in and see what's going on in your classroom, or send your professor a note. Both of those are progress -- they keep your head in the game.

Remember. The process is not linear. You will move forwards and backwards and sideways. Your dreams will, too. Shifty little things.

But as long as you show up everyday, you'll get there. As long as you don't disappear and make it impossible for others to help you and encourage you.

So show up. Even on the tough days, for just a few minutes, find a way.

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